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Workshop Valuing hidden talents

Together, let's develop your talents to build sustainably!

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In many organisations (companies, institutions, associations, etc.), the talents of employees are not all identified. These hidden talents are nuggets that only need to be recognised and integrated into the work organisation. Each employee is unique. To be able to express their full potential, in their entirety, to be recognised for what they really are, beyond their "usual function". This is one of the major challenges for any organisation! A fulfilled employee will greatly increase his or her added value for the benefit of the group and will find a deep meaning in his or her commitment. So how do we go about developing these hidden talents once they are revealed? The most important thing for the company is to capitalise on the information gathered and assess how the organisation could integrate and maximise the potential of the hidden talents identified. In a joint workshop with the HR department and/or any project team deemed useful by the manager, we put into perspective : - the data collected on previous sessions related to the "Revealing hidden talents" workshop(s) - all known talents broken down according to the organisation's value-added processes - the possible limits or constraints and the factors favouring the possible adjustments of the organisation This workshop leads to the emergence of a proposal for a new organisation taking into account all the hidden talents as well as a time perspective. Indeed, any new integration requires time for appropriation, integration, adjustments and taking new bearings. And the little bonus? The valorisation process can also take a more 'playful' form, such as an article in the in-house newspaper or video interviews relating to the testimonies of those who have gone through the process and want to share their enthusiasm for this recognition of who they really are. So, let's try it together? Book your first free call to find out more about our innovative approach!


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