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Workshop Revealing hidden talents

In search of the hidden talents of your organisation...

Description du service

In many organisations (companies, institutions, associations, etc.), the talents of employees are not all identified. These hidden talents are nuggets that only need to be recognised and integrated into the work organisation. Each employee is unique. To be able to express their full potential, in their entirety, to be recognised for what they really are, beyond their "usual function". This is one of the major challenges for any organisation! A fulfilled employee will greatly increase his or her added value for the benefit of the group and will find a deep meaning in his or her commitment. So how do we go about revealing these hidden talents? In the form of a group workshop (indoor or outdoor), we bring each participant to enter into introspection and guided communication through various atypical media such as the arts, sport, music or holistic approaches to self-knowledge based on scientific research into energy - vibration 1 or more experts co-facilitate the session in order to bring out and make each participant aware of the range of his/her talents, as exhaustively as possible. A report is drawn up and presented to the project group or project referent. So, let's try it together? Book your first free call to find out more about our innovative approach!


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