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Let's co-develop human experiences to grow together

Description du service

Following the audit report and the validation of the action plan with the Director and/or the project team, we define the concrete terms and conditions for the deployment of the actions. Depending on the areas of improvement to be developed, I will recommend the expert(s) in my team who are best suited to meet the needs of the project. I take care of the logistical management and coordination, the project framing with the participants, the administrative and technical aspects. The main objective? To reveal, enhance and connect the talents of your company and readjust the organisation around their uniqueness. The team of experts is a clever mix of knowledge : - the latest research in human sciences and ancestral sciences - the arts - energies - systemic interactions Measurement systems based on precise key indicators are defined upstream of the project to evaluate the efficiency of the actions implemented and to serve as a reference point for the intermediate and final reports. Support is also provided for internal communication on the project throughout all phases, to facilitate the appropriation of the project within your teams. So, are you ready for the experience? Let's build together with your talents! Book your first free call to find out more about our innovative approach!


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