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Individual dynamics

Your employees supported in their professional development

Description du service

The world is changing, organisations are changing and your employees must adapt! Not everyone is equal in their ability to adapt and to live easily on an emotional and behavioural level. These changes can awaken wounds of various origins that an employee, a human being above all, is not always fully aware of. It is important for a manager and for the entire management chain to be attentive to this point and to define and then put in place, if not already done, individual coaching systems. We offer a different approach to the coaching we usually see. Our individual coaching allows the employee to : - to become aware of their professional development issues, - to take another look at the situations and contexts available to them in the company, - to understand the "learning" from the situations they experience in order to encourage acceptance of situations and the behaviour of colleagues - to identify what makes sense to him/her with regard to the values conveyed by the Management as well as the postures taken In-depth support to help your employees to (re)engage in an individual and collective dynamic, taking into account who they are, their uniqueness and the meaning they give to their lives. In terms of modalities, our coaching takes place : - in the form of sessions lasting from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the need, - off-site or in your establishment, to be defined on a case-by-case basis according to the employee's wishes, - with possible facilitating teaching aids (arts, sports, meditation, etc.) Our experts are specialists in coaching, and have undergone specific training that enables them to help the employee with a holistic dimension So, let's give it a try? Book your first free appointment for more details !


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