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Holistic executive coaching

A different approach to coaching to meet your individual challenges

Description du service

Managers, often isolated, have to face important collective issues for their company. They must set an example and embody the vision and human values that they want to transmit to their employees. In a context of crisis and disruption, managers find themselves under pressure due to multiple parameters. Beyond the collective issues to which they must respond and their "function", leaders are nonetheless human beings and must respond to personal development issues every day. Among the universal laws to which all living beings are subject, the law of attraction-resonance is important to understand. The external environment perceived by everyone is the mirror of our unconscious perception of ourselves. Scientists have shown this "mechanics" that it is important to know and to use wisely. Together, you and I, let us take the time to understand and answer these questions: - Who am I really? What conditions my behaviour? What are my resources and untapped potentials? My hidden talents? - What does life want to tell me about myself, especially through my professional activity? - how can I "get rid" of these limiting conditionings and overcome them? - What are the subtle links that unconsciously bind me to certain chronically difficult situations experienced in my activity as a leader? What can I learn from them? How can I act to avoid their repetition? - How can the Universal Laws help me to resolve my individual personal and professional issues? My holistic approach is resolutely global, humanistic and takes into account a set of subtle parameters which are often the ultimate keys to effective progress. My experience is based on : - many years of experience in transformation coaching with more than 250 individual coaching sessions to my credit - training in the most innovative and effective holistic techniques - many years of personal development work with holistic mentors and practitioners Sessions are conducted in a caring, humble, non-judgmental way, respecting a code of ethics that guarantees confidentiality. Let's take the time to talk about it for more explanations Find serenity in your activities!


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