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Dynamics Professional transition

Supporting your employees in their professional transition

Description du service

Sometimes your employees want to develop in their professional careers. They may aspire to other horizons, but they may also want to remain in the group in which they have been working for a greater or lesser time. Because they simply feel good, have know-how and have built up a good relationship with the teams. In the case of a desire to evolve within an organisation, we offer you individual support for your employee to identify with him/her - the factors to which he/she is attached to your organisation, what echoes positively in him/her - their deepest aspirations, their ambitions, their life project and how your organisation can contribute to their project - their hidden talents, which they could use to develop their position, whether at different levels (responsibilities, scope of the position, skills used, nature of interpersonal relations, etc.) The coaching is carried out in an open, benevolent and attentive manner. It takes place in several sessions, lasting from 1 to 2 hours, outside or in your establishment, and can be based on different supports (arts, sports, meditation, etc.) in order to facilitate the achievement of the targeted objectives. A regular review is carried out with the Human Resources Department while maintaining the confidentiality of certain information requested by the employee. In the case of a desire to leave the company, we can accompany your employee in his or her search for a new career path. We are specialised in the "birth" of new professional projects and in advising on the action plans needed to make them feasible. It is important to see that a company that takes the step of supporting its employees in their new career development projects, whether or not they are retained, contributes to developing its "employer brand" and develops a very positive image and values internally and externally. And as a result, the company is more likely to attract the best candidates for its development projects. Would you like to know more? Try it out? Then book your first free meeting!


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