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Understanding the concepts and foundations of the Unified Enterprise

Description du service

Within the framework of conferences, we propose a series of conferences that address themes related to the concepts and foundations of the Unified Enterprise. From near or far, we address everything that contributes to a different view, a new vision of the Enterprise, with the following priority areas of development - the systemic approach of the Enterprise, through the subtle apprehension of its environment where the aspects of Energy-Vibration are the keystone - holistic approaches leading to a better knowledge of oneself and of the interaction between individuals for a better cohesion and harmony in the Company - the results of the latest scientific research that can be transposed to the business world on operational aspects Our team of experts and speakers can intervene in person or remotely via video-conferencing systems. So if you are curious, if you want to keep up to date with the latest innovations in human systems development (otherwise known as Noetics by scientists) and their applications contributing to the performance of the company, these conferences are made for you! It is possible to organise a private conference for you and your colleagues or an inter-company conference depending on your objectives. Shall we try it together? Book your first free call for more details!


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