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Collective dynamics

Unite your teams around the deeper meaning of your activities

Description du service

Sharing a new vision of your company, the deep sense of commitment of the management team. This is an ambitious goal, but one that is necessary to build a solid and lasting foundation for the company. This new approach to entrepreneurship must be echoed by your employees so that they, in turn, are part of this entrepreneurial process. Entrepreneurship in the sense of "Entrepreneurs of their lives", i.e. engaged in a process of personal development, a state of mind of improvement and a quest for the best version of themselves, first and foremost as individuals and of course as employees. It is this state of mind, the famous "mindset", that we propose to build together with you and to transmit to your employees, always transposed into concrete actions at the workplace. And this, so that this echo with your employees is real, tangible, pragmatic and makes them want to act. What can you do? We offer you a series of work sessions in the form of collective workshops to highlight and raise the awareness of your employees in the following areas - the new vision of the company - the "Entrepreneur of one's own life" state of mind - concrete good practices in line with this new vision and mindset - approaches to evaluating and measuring changes in behaviour These sessions can take atypical forms (indoor or outdoor, various creative, artistic or sporting supports, etc.) judiciously selected by our experts for their educational relevance and ease of integration. Are you interested in the experience? Book your first free meeting to get more details !


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